January 25, 2016 viscaweb

Visca Meeting (January 2016): Introduction to TDD

Meeting 2: Introduction to TDD
Date: 19 January 2016
Speaker: Ricard Osorio (https://github.com/celtric)

After the initial Visca Meeting about Web Performances, the team was keen to dwelve deeper into the topic of TDD in a practical way, to benefit all members in their day-to-day thanks to real examples based on code that they already knew from the Marcadores.com project.

One of the guys, Ricard, was a natural choice to speak due to his very good theoretical knowledge of TDD. the idea is also to reinforce this meeting with subsequent workshops in the form of Katas in the following weeks.

Presentation Slides: Visca Meeting – Introduction to TDD

You will find below the slides used during Ricard’s presentation:

Video Visca Meeting: Introduction to TDD