March 28, 2016 viscaweb

Visca Meeting (March 2016): Unix Tricks

Meeting 4: Unix Tricks: going faster day after day
Date: Wednesday 30 March 2016 from 18:30 to 20:00
Where: Visca Web office
Speakers: Jonas Haouzi and Damien Gavard.

The Unix shell is one, if not, the most useful tool available in Unix Platforms.
Anything you do using the graphical interface is converted into commands performed by your system.
Therefore, learning how to use it and getting experience with it can make you go much faster and can help you understand how your system works.

In this topic, we will review many different tools that our team is using on a day-to-day basis to go faster.
Some of the topics we’ll approach are the following:

  • Playing with the redirections outputs,
  • Advantages to run your commands inside a screen,
  • Share your terminal with anyone thanks to Tmate,
  • Create a HTTP tunnel to your local system in one command thanks to Ngrok,
  • and even more…

Presentation Slides: Visca Meeting – Unix Tricks

You will find below the slides used the presentation:

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