What’s the idea?

We are all passionate about programming, but we have busy lives: the challenging Marcadores.com project and its objectives to meet, our personal lives that do not leave us a lot of time to share our knowledge… So we decided to make time, once in a while.

The idea is to organize 2 types of events on a regular basis:

  • Talks: presentations of between 1 and 1.5 hour at least once every two months for someone to introduce the team to something new related to web technologies, best practice… Rather than a lecture, it is an opportunity to exchange different points of view about a topic.
  • Katas: Programming exercises, often made in pairs, more frequent (at least once a month). They can be used as follow ups to a talk or as a stand alone session.

Where and When?

  • Where: These talks take place in the Visca Web offices.
  • When: After work, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, más o menos.

Choosing a topic

A few weeks before the next set date, a topic is selected out of a list that is permanently open to suggestions. The speaker (volunteer) will then use the “Talk PowerPoint Model” provided to create his slides.

The talk has to be efficient and playful, between 30 – 45min of learning time, and 30 – 45min of questions / exercices.


The topics may include the following and more:

  • Introducing known or new technologies (messaging system, reverse proxying, frameworks, etc..),
  • Introducing known or new tools (NewRelic, BlackFire, NewRelic, Xdebug, Docker, deployment tools, etc..),
  • Open discussions and review of concrete examples about style programming (when/how to split code with Traits, Abstract, why/when to use private methods)
  • Open discussions and examples about development processes (TDD, BDD, etc..)
  • Share experience on any given subject that may be useful on a daily basis,
  • etc..

Calendar / Past events

You can find details of some of these talks (including slides) in our blog.

Here’s an up-to-date list of past talks/katas:

Name Type Date
Web Performances Talk November 2015 More info
Introduction to TDD Talk January 2016 More info
Clean Code Talk February 2016 More info
Unix Tricks Talk March 2016 More info
Introduction to DDD Talk June 2016
Behind Reverse Proxy Talk July 2016 More info
Custom CMS refactoring Kata October 2016
Package Design Principles Talk November 2016 More info
Tamagotchi Kata November 2016
Tennis refactoring Kata December 2016
Rx Oracle Kata January 2017
Sieve of Eratosthenes Kata February 2017
Introduction to AWS OpsWorks Talk March 2017
Incomprehensible Finder Kata March 2017
Parrot refactoring Kata April 2017
Game of Life Kata May 2017
Tic-tac-toe Kata May 2017
Kotlin for dummies Talk July 2017


Want to attend one of these talks or katas?

We would like to start inviting a few interested developers outside our team to attend future Visca Talks to further expand the benefits of these talks. The more variety of experience, the better.
Follow us on Linkedin (click here to go to the Visca Web Linkedin page) to keep up-to-date and contact us to attend.