February 28, 2016 viscaweb

Visca Meeting (February 2016): Clean Code

Meeting 3: Clean code
Date: 23 February 2016
Speakers: Ricard Osorio, Jonas Haouzi and FĂ©lix Carpena.

Uncle Bob said it: reading a code should be boring.
In reality? Reading a code is complicated, most of the time.

We planned to do many meetings about clean code, that’s a topic we really like at ViscaWeb and is often the main topic discussed by our developers.
But right now, let’s focus on some concepts helping to split the code, making it more understandable and avoid mistakes.

The idea is not to give an absolute truth but to review why, when and when not use those concepts:

  1. Defining a contract (interface),
  2. Defining a method final,
  3. Splitting your code with abstracts, extends, and traits,
  4. Choosing between public, protected and private methods.

Presentation Slides: Visca Meeting – Clean Code

You will find below the slides used the presentation: