Visca Meeting (November 2015): Web Performances

Meeting 1: Web Performances – Toolbox
Date: 20 November 2015
Speaker: Jonas Haouzi (

For this initial Visca Meeting, our CTO Jonas opened the ball with a talk on web performances.

Nowadays, our websites must take 2 to 3 seconds to load, at maximum, assets included. An efficient code should make the minimum operation (CPU, I/O, memory) to perform its goal. In this talk, Jonas explained how to use some tools to improve the performances of one’s code. What was reviewed:

  • How to use the Symfony’s toolbar to identify bottlenecks
  • Introduction on BlackFire: an amazing tool to save time finding your code time killer*
  • Introduction to a Symfony component: StopWatch, or how to survey a specific part of your code (in debug or live mode)*

* Those topics are related to Symfony but can be used in ANY project, running on Symfony Framework or not.

Please note that this talk was focussed on back-end optimisations and was only a quick introduction to some tools usually unknown or wrongly used by developers. Later, we will try to dig into even more tools and tricks to optimise code.

Our team is interested by doing a meeting about optimisation for the front-end side. You’re interested as well? Let us know! => contact (at) viscaweb (dot) com

Presentation Slides: Visca Meeting – Web Performances

You will find below the slides used during Jonas’s presentation:

Birthdays at the Camp Nou

Last October 25th and 26th were Damien and Kristian‘s birthdays and the lucky boys got themselves a ticket to the Barça-Villarreal game (3-0) which took place on Sunday 8th of November. They probably saw one of the best goals of the season, scored by Neymar in the second half after an inspired 180 degrees sombrero.



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